Would you like to host a seminar?

  1. A seminar can be held with 10 participants.  It is helpful to have a few people interested in signing up, and the remainder can be gathered from this website posting.
  2. A barn should be available with an indoor arena, covered arena, or a barn aisle to tie the horses. Horses must tie or cross tie for the seminar.
  3. Approximately 10 horses with good ground manners who can tolerate several people around them at one time
  4. Step stools, milk crates, or mounting blocks should be available for students. Local students can bring their own.
  5. Chairs and a couple of tables (no picnic table)
  6. Bathroom facilities. A porta potty can be rented.
  7. Hotels within 30 minutes of the barn. A small list of hotels, motels, and camping.
  8. Airport within 2 hours of the barn.

If you are interested in hosting or finding a host, please fill out the form on the right side.