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"My husband & I hosted an EQ-1 class in August 2015, and I attended the class. I am an LMT and an equine therapist. This was my first 'official' MFR class and I LOVED it! We had a wonderful group of students who worked amazingly well together.

Tamara is a gifted healer and an awesome instructor. She always made sure all students participated equally and understood each technique...Tamara even stayed after class one evening to help me practice on one of my OTTB's who needed some extra work.

It is obvious Tamara loves her work, as her passion truly shines in her teaching! Looking forward to EQ-2!"

Shelia Weaver, LMT
Clinton, Arkansas
" had the pleasure of attending the Equine Myofascial Release seminar with Tamara Thomas. Her teaching style is professional, clear, supportive and authentic.

She has the ability to blend deep knowledge of both Myofascial Release and horsemanship. She can balance the technical detailed treatment techniques along with "feeling the releases",energetic shifts and the equine nonverbal communications.

Her approach fosters my love of Myofascial Release, horses and the grounding and fun encompassed by my experiences with her. I am chomping at the bit to attend Equine MFR 2."

Leah Darling
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