Equine Myofascial Release
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About Us

I began training extensively with John F. Barnes in 1990. Shortly thereafter he introduced me to applying MFR to horses. I then trained with Mark Barnes in his Equine Seminar and now have the privilege of teaching this course. I believe strongly in continuing education to be a more effective therapist. I take classes regularly to deepen my knowledge of manual therapy techniques.

I am a licensed physical therapist, horse woman, life time animal lover and dancer. I have been able to blend my passions and create an awesome career treating people, horses and dogs. I believe in treating with a whole body approach. My total body evaluation process helps guide me to find the root cause of symptoms or pain. The myofascial release techniques will help release muscle, bone, nerves, blood vessels, viscera, cranial/sacral restrictions and emotional blockage. I have combined my knowledge of physical therapy, biomechanics and understanding of movement from dance training to implement successful treatment programs.

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Equine Myofascial Release

Tamara Thomas, Physical Therapist, lecturer and expert myofascial release therapist.
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